Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Borani Badenjan “Egg Plant dish”

Borani Badenjan is an afghan dish, served as side dish or an appetizer; it is also idle for lunch. Afghans cook Borani Badenjan differently than any other nation. It is the perfect pick for vegetarians. It is one my favorite dishes.
You will need the following items to cook the Borani Badenjan.

Ingredients (3 Egg Plant, 5 medium Tomatoes, 2 Green Bell pepper, 2 Red Bell pepper, 3 Garlic,
4 Green Chilies, Salt, Oil, Yogurt, Tomato Sauce, Dried Mint)

Now let’s start cooking process. The dish is easy and it won’t take longer once you learn how to cook it.
1- Cut and slice the egg plant into quarter square pieces
2- Slice tomatoes
3- Slice and cut the bell pepper rectangular way
4- Cut each chili into 4 long piece
5- Chop 2 fresh garlic than add ½ teaspoon salt and garlic to 16oz of tomato sauce and stir
6- Fry the egg plant
7- Now add tomato sauce into the pan, next add egg plant, bell pepper, slice tomatoes, chilies one layer
8- Add tomato sauce
9- Repeat step 7 & 8
10- Cover the top, turn up the stove to Hi
11- Let it cook for about 10minutes
12- In the meanwhile; chop 2 garlic add it to 12oz yogurt and add ½ teaspoon and blend it all together.
13- Microwave the yogurt for 45 seconds.

Once the dish is cooked, before serving the dish in plate, drizzle some mix yogurt over, place a layer of Egg plant, and then drizzle some yogurt over Egg plant.
At the end, sprinkle some dried mint and red cayenne pepper over the Borani Badenjan dish.
I hope you like this recipe, and please send me some feedbacks.

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