Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to brew coffee?

How to brew coffee?
You might be wondering, why I came up with this idea. Now a lot of us brew coffee, sometimes it is too dark or too light to drink. There is no secret behind a tasty coffee. Almost every brand will taste good. Only if you know; how to brew it properly?
Measuring your ground coffee plays major role in brewing coffee. Lets brew the coffee then;

8 cups water
5oz ground coffee
Place filter in coffee maker
Pour water into the coffee maker
Add ground coffee
Start the coffee maker

Once the coffee is ready, please help yourself and enjoy your coffee. You can add half & half, low fat milk or flavored coffee creamer, powder coffee creamer, only if you chose to add.
Remember if the coffee stays longer than an hour in coffee maker. The coffee not only loses its freshness and tastes; but also it burns. Burnt coffee is not healthy and also it doesn’t taste better.
Tips on how to keep ground coffee fresh, always make sure to put the lid back on, every time you brew some coffee. It will be better if you can refrigerate the coffee.

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